Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time keeps on flying....

Dang little munchkin is over 8 months old, moving around, shaking, smiling, crawling, chasing the dog, getting into everything that is within' reach.... She is growing up quickly.  I will post a video soon, but she is crawling all over the place. It is amazing how quickly things change.  She went from crawling and falling on her face to crawling and sitting up when she was done.... True story.... I set her in her room last night on the floor so I could go get her bath all ready for her, and when I turned around to go get her she was at my feet in the bathroom just looking up at me.... I couldn't help but laugh (in shock) and be proud of the little speed freak already!!!  What happen?!  Does this make us old now or what?!

Photography is going really well and it seems to take a little more time each week. I love doing it, I love the results, and I love being creative in that regard!  RP and I just did our first "gig" this past weekend and shot photo's at the Captain Jacks 8K and are pretty please will our results... It also seems that the participants were as well as the race director.  Hopefully we will have a little more of that business here in the future!  We are now home to SBR IMAGES (swim bike run of course!)..... However not only limited to that we will be giving it a go this weekend shooting one of our friends new babies and his family! I think I am more nervous for that than I was at the races last weekend!  AMEN for digital cameras!

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Blyth Family Blog said...

How is she crawling already? It's nuts, time really has flown by! I'm off to check out your website :) So proud of you brother!