Monday, June 20, 2011

Grandpa Cool

On June 1st 2011 Mike aka "Grandpa Cool" Crosby lost his battle to Leukemia.  However it was not without a good fight pneumonia finally took it's toll on Grandpa.... Words cannot describe how saddened we are to have lost such a good friend, father, and grandfather to our children.  Life will never be the same without you.  Boat rides, cards, golf, and laughter.   We know you will always be with us.  We love you Grandpa Cool!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where to begin??

It's now the middle of May.  The sun is shining!  Avery is now OVER 9 months old, and my father in law is in the fight of his life.   He was diagnosed with Leukemia back in December and they decided not do anything until it got worse.... It got worse.  He started chemo on May 2nd and the 1st 9 days were AMAZING!  Things were looking great until Wednesday.  Kim and I hadn't really been able to see him since we are constantly carrying some sort of junk.  I mean having a 9 month old in daycare.... Yep- we are always sniffing or coughing but we found a window on the 11 day and had to get Kim to see her dad.  While he was complaining of some chest pains he was still hanging in there and talking to us.  We left Swedish to go grab Avery and were home by 5:15 or so.  By 6:30 we had a text from Jill that we should get back down there ASAP.  Mike was being moved into ICU and they had discovered that he came down with pneumonia.  2 days later we are no longer praying for his survival minute to minute we are now day to day.  We are praying and in HIGH SPIRITS and have been staying close as a family!  Mike is strong and is the rock of the family.  He is not going anywhere.  He is going to fight!

Here is the blog of his journey

Then there are my girls and my buddy!!! Avery, Kim and Kona are the light of my life.  I love coming home everyday and seeing the bright face of my girls!!!!! (And KONA!!)

She Loves her FOOD!!! (9 months old)
My boy! 9 years old and kickin'

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time keeps on flying....

Dang little munchkin is over 8 months old, moving around, shaking, smiling, crawling, chasing the dog, getting into everything that is within' reach.... She is growing up quickly.  I will post a video soon, but she is crawling all over the place. It is amazing how quickly things change.  She went from crawling and falling on her face to crawling and sitting up when she was done.... True story.... I set her in her room last night on the floor so I could go get her bath all ready for her, and when I turned around to go get her she was at my feet in the bathroom just looking up at me.... I couldn't help but laugh (in shock) and be proud of the little speed freak already!!!  What happen?!  Does this make us old now or what?!

Photography is going really well and it seems to take a little more time each week. I love doing it, I love the results, and I love being creative in that regard!  RP and I just did our first "gig" this past weekend and shot photo's at the Captain Jacks 8K and are pretty please will our results... It also seems that the participants were as well as the race director.  Hopefully we will have a little more of that business here in the future!  We are now home to SBR IMAGES (swim bike run of course!)..... However not only limited to that we will be giving it a go this weekend shooting one of our friends new babies and his family! I think I am more nervous for that than I was at the races last weekend!  AMEN for digital cameras!

Monday, January 24, 2011


It's official... I suck at keeping a blog.  For some reason it was so much easier months ago!  The novelty has not worn off, but it must be something I don't think about too much...

Here are the 1st 5 months.

August 2010

Sept 2010

Oct. 2010

Nov. 2010

Dec. 2010

Jan. 2011

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where has time gone?

So what I thought would happen happened!!! I told myself not start a blog, get all excited posting everyday/week, then once the "honeymoon is over" stop posting all together.... DANG IT!!  In all honesty not too much has happened over the last couple weeks.  We have not really done any sort of big adventures, vacations, or events. 

In a sense I think it is almost what we needed as a family.  Kim and I often times never say no so on the weekends we end up running all over the place all weekend long, and come Monday we are toast!  That used to be ok, and maybe it will again someday, but for now it is all about family time!

Everyday we look into Avery's eyes and think how lucky we are to have such a beautiful girl!  She is growing up so quickly.  We can't believe the changes in her, her physical attributes, and her personality!  Her smile is already infectious!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Although the ear piercing noise of a beagle bark, and the countless hours of searching for him when he catches a scent and takes off, Copper was a trooper, a lover and a great pet to both Grandpa and Grandma Crosby as well as all the grandkids.  We are so sorry to see you go buddy.  Run free, and bark loud in Doggie Heaven.  YOU DESERVE IT!
He was not intimidated by the big boys!

The bark we loved to hate!

Loved to find a good patch a sun and take it in!
Wait for me mom!

Kona will be so sad next time he goes to Chelan!

Rest well Copper.  Rest well!

Halloween Weekend Day 2

Considering that Avery still has not been able to find her finger and put it in her mouth (although getting close) we figure this year she didn't really need to go out and get all hopped up on Sugar while trick or treating.  She mentioned to us a couple times that it would  have been fun, but if we wanted to go to Red Robin she would be happy to go with us.... Guess what- WE WENT TO RED ROBIN!  How nice of her to allow this!  Her parents will be nice tonight and let her sleep a little longer!!!

It's so funny... I love to take pictures, and I love to find new ways to take pictures, but for every outfit, move, facial expression she has I am saying oh that would be a neat/cute picture.   She's so damn cute!
Why is everyone laughing?

Needing a break ALREADY!
I also managed to get the dog out and hit the trails for some good ole' trail running.  The only downside to this with Kona is that he is getting old and when ever we are done with running he can't walk for the rest of the day.  He get's really sore.  But you can genuinely tell he loves to e out there, and he loves to run.  Mind YES- Body No.  But we still have to go out now and again.  Key is to take is easy, and slow.  

Lot's O' Leaves!

Fall flow

Bare Trees

Who/What doesn't have fun in the mud!

Come one dad. Let's go!

Trail conditions were covered by leaves!

Drink where I want when I want.  Even a puddle!

No time to slow down.

Halloween Weekend Day 1

Getting Ready for a day on the town 
I still buy her flowers.

Yes this is a picture.  30sec. exposure and spinning around the kitchen.  I love the texture of the lights!

Taken @ 6:30am out on a run around marymoor.  I was meeting friends for a run and figured if I wanted to get any pictures I better go out early!
I took this picture while it was resting on a tripod  set w/ a 20 sec. exposure.  I love that you can see my headlamp glares on the ground.

On my way back to the car to meet some friends, and I think I got the fog, sun, and fall colors nicely!

Morning Dew and Sunrise at the park

Grandpa Cool taking his turn with our hot baby!!

The first of MANY MANY laughs with her Aunt Jill!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We had the great great pleasure of going to the Seahawks came with Chris and Allison Smith on Sunday.  While the wind, and rain were coming down heavy and hard we were blessed enough to be undercover.  Thank you Chris and Allison for the GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

She is cute and warm! Ready for the game!

Boys new version of PREFUNKING

Was getting chilly @ this point in the game!

Super Mom's!

Look at the Clouds rolling through