Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finally Made it to Chelan

I have quickly come to realize that I am going to be the type of blogger that blogs infrequently and that I would rather let my pictures take the place of my words.  I am not too good at this stuff, but I am really enjoying it so I am going to continue to blog!  

We finally made it over to Chelan after 8 weeks away and we loved every minute of it!

Current Family Favorite

Morning Sunrise


Don't let her age fool you--A MACHINE!

Grandma and Avery

Grandpa Cool always makes Avery smile

6 Weeks after giving birth!!

Kona on the boat

Grandparents taking Kim for a ski, me taking pictures... Who is watching Avery??

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Blyth Family Blog said...

So glad Avery finally got to Chelan!! Love that Kim's already up on a ski, awesome lady!!!