Monday, October 4, 2010

She can be so annoying!!!

Kim and I couldn't help but laugh yesterday.  We struggled Saturday night with Avery.  She was so tired, but couldn't put herself to sleep.  She would start to fall asleep with the green machine (binky) then it would fall out of her mouth then it was time to fuss again.  It was a repeating process.  Kim and I were both annoyed and tired.  We were getting beat down by this little 2 month old!  How could this be?  We know it is part of being a parent, and we love her so... But dang!! She beat us down!!!

Then this----
This was the next morning... About 9:00am in our bed.  Dang her, she looks so cozy while Kim and I look at each other in a glazed over look drinking coffee, and chuckling!

How can you be mad at this face!!!

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