Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I won't do for a good adventure!

I think I saw it on Facebook last week or something, but someone went up Mt. Si in the morning and had some pretty good pictures.... The light bulb then goes off in my head and I thought hey, why not go up there at the BUTT CRACK of dawn and watch the sunrise.  I have all the gear to hike at night, so what the heck.  Let's just get it done.  I really wanted to get it done during the week so I don't take anytime away from the family, so this meant a couple things... How stinkin' early was I going to have to go, and who the heck was going to go with me?  It just so turns out the weather this week was going to be "epic" for October- Sunny and 66 degree's (as I type this @ 2pm).  I am lucky enough to have my good friend Jeff Morris near by, and if there is anyone more up for an adventure than me..... IT'S JEFF!  Didn't even need the selling shoes.  He was all for it!

The Alarm went of @ just after 4am, and it was time to go.  I was to meet him @ the Mt. Si trailhead, and be ready to go by 5am.  All went off without a hitch and we broke out the headlamps right away, and noticed a bite in the air (43 degrees).  The chill quickly went away about 200 yards into the hike.  At this point we were almost sweating!  We did however find our rhythm and suffered up the hill.  For those not familiar with Mt. Si, it is a 4 mile (one way) hike w/ 4000 feet of elevation gain.  Noticing after 35 minutes that this was going to be a brutal go up the hill I reminded us both the reward of a sunrise at the top is going to totally make it worth!!! 

After 1hr and 20 minutes or so we were greeted with the summit, and with that summit come's priceless views!  We got ourselves organized by putting on dry shirts, our down jackets, wools hats, and I poured myself a cup of coffee.  From here I got all the camera gear setup and started clicking away!  Words or pictures cannot do this trip justice.  It was such a pretty morning, and we found ourselves up there for almost an hour!  We had great views!! Check it out (you tube)..
Morris- Fearless Adventurer
We did see the sun on the run down coming through the trees.  It took us just over 40 minutes or so from top to bottom
Mt. Rainer is one IMPRESSIVE mountain
The Alpenglow showing today was breathtaking.  I couldn't think of any other place I would have rather been at that time!
The marine layer was keeping the fog nice and low in the Snoqualmie Valley.  If you look really far off you can see downtown Seattle!
Striking a pose with Mt. Rainer in the backdrop
Haystack from Below

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