Monday, October 25, 2010

Victoria BC

Kim found a deal that was too good to pass up... A ride on the Victoria Clipper, 1 night at the Empress Hotel, and a ride back on the Clipper the next evening for next to nothing so we had to jump on  it.  We figured it would be easier for me to take Friday off, and avoid the "weekender's" on Friday.... Good move on our part!  That and it is easier to go now while Avery is a little tike and can't run or crawl around!  We (meaning Kim 98% of the time) had to carry her around in the bjourn or we would use the jogger (this would also act as her bed for the evening- Kind of like camping!!)

We got up to Victoria around 11:00 am went to the hotel and they had a room ready for us (which rocks considering check in is not until 4pm!!).  We got all bundled up and hit the road (on our feet) to find a coffee, lunch and sort of scope out the scene to see what we had to work with for us and a 10 week old.  Managed to find a lunch spot that looked awful- not sure what the appeal to us was besides PURE HUNGER!  Everyone in this place was covered head to toe with piercings and tattoo's!  However the food was ok, but the beer was the best part of the meal.  After the meal we went back to the room and grabbed a little snooze, and got ready to head out for the evening.  We knew this however would be a early evening.  Things are different now with a child!  We spent a lot of time on Government St. window shopping and going into the occasional shop to see what looking interesting and stopped at most restaurants to see what sounded good, looked good, and was "baby friendly!"  We ended up eating at a place called Pescatories (recommended from a bellman at the hotel) and it ended up being a really nice Italian restaurant (but we got there early enough to have a nice little corner where we could leave Avery in her jogger).    After walking around a little more we turned into the room and got ready to turn in.  I however wanted to accomplish one more thing that night (get your head out of the gutter!) and so when Kim was getting Avery ready for bed I loaded up the camera, lens' and tripod and hit the road!  I think I could have stayed out there all night, but knew I wanted to get back to the room and be a family!  I did manage some good photo's I think.

Woke up Saturday morning again to GREAT weather and hit the road again.  The streets were way more crowded to versus yesterday!  Again amen for coming over on Friday!  We really kicked around the idea of heading out to Bucthart garden's, but didn't think we had it in us this trip.  On our feet from 11am to 5pm was actually a little exhausting!  Kim did an amazing job with Avery.... Avery did an amazing job with/for us, and we really did have a spectacular time!  Coming home on the Clipper left for some pretty rough sea's.  Feeling this 135 foot boat "catching air" was not very comforting, and watching people fall all over trying to move about the ship was pretty funny, but holding the stomach down took some concentration.  Avery slept, mom and I chit chatted, and within 45 minutes the sea's calmed enough.  All in all another great adventure by The Birdies!  Thanks Kim for putting on the trip!

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Blyth Family Blog said...

Did the ride home remind you of anything?? The ride home from Stehekin perhaps? barf.
Avery is getting way too big, make it stop. She's beautiful!
What a fun trip...ahhh...I remember those days of taking an infant around with you everywhere...enjoy them while they last!!!