Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We had the great great pleasure of going to the Seahawks came with Chris and Allison Smith on Sunday.  While the wind, and rain were coming down heavy and hard we were blessed enough to be undercover.  Thank you Chris and Allison for the GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!

She is cute and warm! Ready for the game!

Boys new version of PREFUNKING

Was getting chilly @ this point in the game!

Super Mom's!

Look at the Clouds rolling through


Erin said...

From the looks of your camera angle it appears that you guys were sitting right by us! We were section 315, row HH...but after halftime moved up a few rows to be with our friends. Brave parents to take your baby girl. We said halfway through the game that this will probably be our last game until we have to get a babysitter or have a baby tagging along with us :)

The Birdies said...

Erin we were in 310 row Y... Can't believe how hammered people get at these games!!