Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend Day 2

Considering that Avery still has not been able to find her finger and put it in her mouth (although getting close) we figure this year she didn't really need to go out and get all hopped up on Sugar while trick or treating.  She mentioned to us a couple times that it would  have been fun, but if we wanted to go to Red Robin she would be happy to go with us.... Guess what- WE WENT TO RED ROBIN!  How nice of her to allow this!  Her parents will be nice tonight and let her sleep a little longer!!!

It's so funny... I love to take pictures, and I love to find new ways to take pictures, but for every outfit, move, facial expression she has I am saying oh that would be a neat/cute picture.   She's so damn cute!
Why is everyone laughing?

Needing a break ALREADY!
I also managed to get the dog out and hit the trails for some good ole' trail running.  The only downside to this with Kona is that he is getting old and when ever we are done with running he can't walk for the rest of the day.  He get's really sore.  But you can genuinely tell he loves to e out there, and he loves to run.  Mind YES- Body No.  But we still have to go out now and again.  Key is to take is easy, and slow.  

Lot's O' Leaves!

Fall flow

Bare Trees

Who/What doesn't have fun in the mud!

Come one dad. Let's go!

Trail conditions were covered by leaves!

Drink where I want when I want.  Even a puddle!

No time to slow down.

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