Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend Day 1

Getting Ready for a day on the town 
I still buy her flowers.

Yes this is a picture.  30sec. exposure and spinning around the kitchen.  I love the texture of the lights!

Taken @ 6:30am out on a run around marymoor.  I was meeting friends for a run and figured if I wanted to get any pictures I better go out early!
I took this picture while it was resting on a tripod  set w/ a 20 sec. exposure.  I love that you can see my headlamp glares on the ground.

On my way back to the car to meet some friends, and I think I got the fog, sun, and fall colors nicely!

Morning Dew and Sunrise at the park

Grandpa Cool taking his turn with our hot baby!!

The first of MANY MANY laughs with her Aunt Jill!

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