Monday, September 6, 2010

We Finally Went Hiking!!

After a long Saturday of doing nothing fun around the house it was time to get out of the house!!!  The key we determined is to get moving pretty quickly in the morning.  If we sit around the time will fly by!  So after a couple feedings (for everyone) we got dressed and hit the trail around 11am.  We came fully prepared.  We had the bjourn, we had the jogger, extra clothes, blankets, etc.  I have to say nothing real exciting happen.  It was like we had done it 100's of times.  The dog was happy, Avery was happy in to the bjoun, Kim was happy being out of the house, it was all in all a good day.  The weather cooperated with us, and the trails were pretty quiet (only saw a few trail runners- I was jealous, but I am sure the were all jealous of the company I was with :)!)  Cougar Mtn. trails.  Total distance about 3.5 miles in an hour!!  LOVED IT!

Check it out... No bags under the eyes.  I am not tired!  I am loving the trails!

I am ready to do this!

I tried to explain the movie Blair Witch Project with all the BW pictures, but she has never seen it

I swear I am not that tired.  Don't mind the bags.  We were have a great time!

What a team!!

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